WBI - Client user - limit of workorder history

WBI - Client user - limit of workorder history

Hi I was wondering if it’s possible and how to limit the history of workorders that can be viewed by a client login.
For example when client A log’s in he only can view workorders of 2012 and higher.

Is this possible?
And possible per client user?

Hello Thormann

The Service Workorders grid via a WBI Client login displays that client’s Service Workorders to date, sorted in descending workorder number, ordered by the newest non-Closed workorder number listed first.
The client can checkmark at the top of the menu to display both non-Closed and Closed workorders
The client can filter to display specific workorders only including

No, there is not an option to limit what of their own workorder records a client can view, but its a great idea which we have on the list for development to look into for a future version.

  • Joyce