WBI Customization


I Have read the WBI Online Help about changing the comapany logo on the login page, but i would like to know if its possible to change the Title, so instead of it saying “Ayanova” at the top of the browser it says “Your Company Name”



No Steve. The company logo image itself on the login page is what is available to be changed.

  • Joyce

Could that be made available?

I will move this to the Wish List for development to look into.

  • Joyce


I just wanted to post a quick comment on this. We work with a web developer that regularly uses frames to make apps like AyaNova sit in a wrapper of the company’s website for a consistent look and feel. For example, our website - http://www.masonworks.biz/ayanova.htmlwhich basically points right to the AyaNova application using iFrame which is similar to an include command. It just takes the source and wraps it in our website frame. I can give you contact info for our developers if anyone is interested.:cool: