WBI Interface Option - Adding Units in Field (Is it possible?)

Not sure if this is possible or if we have a security issue but we seem to have a issue that our technicians cannot add NEW units through the WBI. Is this just the way it is or do we have a settings issue. The user group does had READ/WRITE permission of units. Let me know and if they cannot can we add this to the wish list… HIGH PRIORITY!!! This basically is a MAJOR hindrance to going paperless.


Via WBI, if the logged in user is a member of a security group that has Read/Write rights to Object.Unit, then yes, that user can create a new unit via WBI by moving to the Units navigation pane, the Units grid, select the menu option + New… to open a new empty unit entry screen and enter its details, save & exit.

Let me know your users with rights to Object.Unit can create a ne unit following this.
If not, please provide details about the user’s security group settings, and exactly step by step what they do and see in WBI so that I can follow along and help right away. Thank you

  • Joyce