Web Portal versus WAN using VPN while waiting for WBI

Have you tested to see if running AyaNova with the Data Portal is any faster than running across the WANthrough a VPN tunnel? I can get connected and everything runs great but it ispainfully slow. :Whistling: (Even with a 6Mb down, 1.5 Mb up at both sites) We are for sure going to do the WBI when it is done (Any ETA yet?) but wanted to see if there is any way to speed this up until then.


Speed and response to a query of the AyaNova program is dictated by a number of factors, including:

the amount of data that the query has to go through;
the amount of data the query responds with;
the speed of the connection to the database server (a 100MBPs local network connection will be a lot faster than a 1.5MBPs connection);
whether the database server used is the network Firebird server or SQL Server (SQL does provide a faster response);
the load on the database server;
the processing power, and hard drive speed of the database server;
whether going “through” the Data Portal or not
load on and speed of the computer running the program files
I am not sure by your statement if you are using the Data Portal, or if you are asking if the Data Portal would be faster than the network connection configuration for the WAN networked computers?

The Data Portal is a secure way for remote users to access the database -> program request go to the Data Portal, which than directs to the database server, and than back through the Data Portal again; whereas direct network connection directly goes to the database server - Data Portal would be slower than direct network connection for this reason. An exact percentage by what would depend on factors above. Also if you have a number of remote users all accessing the same Data Portal, response will more than likely be slower as they are all going through the same Data Portal.

If you are experiencing slow response, some suggestions:

identify in what areas comparatively to get a benchmark to compare against (i.e. what’s the response using local network connection vs using Data Portal to perform the same steps with the same data - for example is it a count of 1 to open a workorder in local network 100MBPs connection, but a count of 10 to open using Data Portal 1.5MBps connection);
are you performing data intensive queries (i.e are you viewing the service workorder grid displaying 500 workorders );
what’s the load on the server, the load on the computer - do you need to add or replace hardware
what’s the processing speed and use on the server, on the computer?
Also check out the AyaNova v3 Manual technical section “Performance Optimization” which lists a number of things to look out for to optimize.

We list upcoming quess-timates for release in the AyaNova v3 Road Map. We will continue to update release time frames as we get closer to release.

  • Joyce

Hey Joyce,

I am not using the data portal at this time, just the Firebird network configuration. But we are hardly ever in the office so it is: laptop, T1 or better ISP, VPN to the LAN.

Slow response definitions:

double-clicking the icon, about 13 seconds to login prompt.
enter the UN and PW and enter, 50 seconds.
clicking on the schedule tab, 4 seconds.
then click on the clients tab, 5 seconds.
Still not enough data to run large report.
Hardware specs:

Laptops - Pentium M 2.13GHz, 1GB RAM, 7200 RPM HDD
Server - Dual Xeon P4 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, RAID 5 SCSI U320 drives, No load on the system - 1% Proc, 70 threads, Over 1GB RAM and 4GB Page File Available.
I will go through the manual again to check the performance optimization.



Hi Andy

When the AyaNova program first loads, that is when it first obtains a majority of data to populate the grids - where you are seeing the initial 50 seconds to load the AyaNova program when running over a 1.5MBPs connection.

You are using a 1.5MBPs connection whichwould be and will be slower than using an internal local network that has 100MBPs connection.

Also note two hardware issues that affect the network Firebird server performance is use of hyperthreading and dual processors.

A good brief article on these can be found at http://ibdeveloper.com/issues/issue-1-sep-1-2005/hyperthreading-smp-and/

You may find an increase in speed if move to SQL Server, but you will be limited by the connection speed when using the full AyaNova program. The WBI will be developed withslower connection speeds in mind, such as what you are using.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce!

I willgo through the manual and look into converting to SQL. Also,interesting article on HyperThreading! Looking forward to the WBI!!!

Thanks again,


BTW, LAN & WAN speeds (for most of us) are measure in Mbps or Gbps(Megabits Per Second or Gigabits Per Second, not Megabytes or Gigabytes):slight_smile:

BTW, LAN & WAN speeds (for most of us) are measure in Mbps or Gbps(Megabits Per Second or Gigabits Per Second, not Megabytes or Gigabytes):slight_smile:

My bad typo - thanks for picking up on that