Weird overlap error while moving a group of fields - v3.3.3

I was using the up-arrow key to move a group of fields when suddenly an Overlap warning appeared.

The weird part is the fields did not overlap at the starting point or when I moved them to their final destination.

I noticed that the warning appeared only in the first two rows (4 data fields) of the group.

My concern is that it appears the report writer is repositioning individual fields even though I am moving a group, and I don’t want the individual fields repositioned from the surrounding fields.

I’ve been able to reproduce this problem in different templates so I don’t believe it is a template problem.

I’ve attached 3 successive screenshots that demonstrates the problem graphically.


Hi Bob

I tested similar with the report template you sent previously. The starting positions of the fields in the report template you sent perviously were not in the exact locations you show in image1, so I could not precisely recreate what occurred for you.

But I believe what is happening, is that when you move a large number of fields at once (by using your mouse to click and drag to highlight them all, then using the arrow to move up or down) that the report designer attempts to compensate for previous layout settings, resulting in fields that initially were not overlapping, now mayoverlap if you do a group move - especially if fields initially were just on the cupse of overlapping (i.e the Physical Address field is exactly with no space between above the Street field - the Physcial Address field bottom is right on 117 in my report template, and the top of Street field is at 117).

I would suggest doing as you did - continue to move the group, or edit those that end up overlapping in the new position.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Ifailed to mention that the images I sent were from a different template. Oops!

In was in that differenttemplate that I had moved the group and quickly scrolled down the page. It wasn’t until I scrolled back up that I noticed the sudden appearance of overlap warnings. I manually realigned the fields to remove the warnings. I was in the process of moving the group to it’sfinal spotusing the arrow keysand observed warnings suddenly turn on. It was a little disconcerting after having spent about 20 minuteslining everythingall up just the way I wanted then to see the overlap warnings pop-up out of nowhere.

I appreciateyour help and thanks forresponding so quickly.

Take Care,