What to do with error: A Valid AyaNova License was not found

Situation 1:
This message occurs on a networked computer
Troubleshooting & resolution:
Confirm that this computer does have the same version of the AyaNova program installed as the AyaNova program on the server.
If you can log in from the AyaNova program on the server itself, that would indicate that the networked computer is more likely running an older version of AyaNova and needs to be updated.

Situation 2:
Message occurs when bringing up your WBI and/or RI login webpage
Troubleshooting & resolution:
Confirm that you can run the desktop AyaNova program successfully on the server.
If you can, that would indicate an issue with the WBI / RI web application and/or version.
Recommendation would be to (via your IIS) shut down your Application Pool for the web program WBI / RI -> install again the latest version of the WBI / RI -> restart the Application Pool -> clear your web browser cache -> load your WBI / RI