Where does the invoice go after running QBI to invoice

I ran QBI to process an invoice, where did it go? I have looked in QuickBooks and it isn’t under the customer to be invoiced or anywhere? Will I have to start all over and create another work order and try again?

Hi Debbie

Open the workorder in AyaNova:

Is this workorder checkmarked Closed?
Has the Workorder Status been changed to that you set up in Preferences in QBI?
What invoice number is in the field Invoice Number?
Open QuickBooks and find that invoice number.

  • Joyce

I must of really really messed up. First off I noticed that tax rate wasn’t what I enterd but that is my fault because when I add my states tax rate I didn’t know that the default had to be change so I goofed on that too so I would of had to void out that work order also because I didn’t put an invoice number on the work order I think that messed up too.