Why is there no Logout menu option in WBI?

Hi Everyone, we have had this question asked about WBI “Why is there no Logout menu option in WBI?” and I wanted to post it here for everyone:

With WBI you are never “logged in” in the sense of AyaNova for Windows. Every request to the web server is authenticated and between requests the web server does not consider you logged in at all.

The moment you close your browser window, or go to a different site in that same window for a few minutes you lose your authentication to AyaNova.

WBI pages have a javascript code behind them that actually force your browser to reconnect periodically when there is no request or submission of a page, for example, you are sitting in an entry form but haven’t submitted the page for several minutes because you are typing in a lengthy work order, just to keep you authenticated so you don’t have to log back in again while using WBI.

WBI has nothing that requires cleanup when you are working in it and close your browser window, there is never a direct connection between your browser and WBI, only brief requests for pages and submission of pages when done editing.

Every time WBI sends out a page or processes a submitted form it is basically done with the user entirely. The authentication is only required for the brief moment it is building a page to send to the user or processing their submitted form.

  • Joyce