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We do testing and need to send to customers a copy of the report. We would like to have them get from te “Documents” file or from the WIKI. Can this be done to give customers (Clients) access without loading to a separate web page



No and yes Mark,
Documents are not available via WBI - as they are a direct path to a file usually located on a shared folder that is not accessible from outside of local area network. See also (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

Whereas Wiki pages are available to any actual AyaNova users (but not client users)via the AyaNova program as well as via WBI that are of either the type nonschedulable user, schedulable user, or Administrator user and are members of a security group that has rights to Object.WikiPages.

Clients set up as per (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) do not have access to Wiki pages as once set as a User Type of either Client user or Head office client user, their access to features via WBI are limited to only requesting service and viewing their service, and to viewing a report of their service workorder

If instead you have the User Type set as any of the others (i.e. nonschedulable user, schedulable user, etc) than that means this user is an actual AyaNova user, and has access to all data based on their security group. I.e. if their security group has access given to service workorders, than they can view all clients service workorders. So as long as that AyaNova user is a member of a security group that has rights to Object.WikiPages, then they can view the Wiki page and view Wiki for any object that the user has rights to access.

  • Joyce

Could we add to wish list. It would be nice if the clients could see their reports (Either Wiki or Documents)

Hi again Mark,

Yes I can certainly add the ability to view wiki documents for that client’s objects to the wish list for development to look into for a future version.

Do note that Documents (not the Wiki files, but the Documents feature in the windowws program AyaNova)access will not be added for access via WBI because of its nature in that files need local area access and someone remote via the web browser would not have that.

  • Joyce