Will ayanova work in our office

We are a locksmith company and we use Quickbooks for our accounting software. We have 7 trucks on the road and want to be able to dispatch pre-made quotes to the technicians on the trucks. Each has a laptop with a T-Mobile air card to access the home office via VPN. The connection to the home office is slow (33.6k). The technicians should also be able to make a quote (or invoice) from scratch on the road and then somehow send that data back home. With the data portal does it require high speed connection and is there some way to just SYNCH at the end of the day when the guys are back in the office and have access to our LAN. I am really interested in your software and wish you all had a phone number I could call. I guess this support forum will have to do.

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Although users on the road would be able to connect to the AyaNova database in the office using the AyaNova Data Portal connection, and make their quotes directly in the AyaNova program and be able to update the data in the AyaNova database live, they may find using the data portal to connect to the AyaNova database quite slow if the connection is only 33.6k

We are in development of the optional add-on WBI, which allows remote users to use just a web browser and Internet connection - which will be a lot faster than using the AyaNova Data Portal. We do not have a set release date at this time, but guess-timate later this summer for release. WBI would allow your technicians on the road to create new, edit existing and check their schedule all via the live connection to the database back in the office.

[Editor’s Note: WBI is now available for download and purchase]

We also do have on our list of future features to look into adding a mobile browser inteface - so that users with small screen devices such as Blackberry’s etc can check their schedule, and edit workorders. We do not have guess-timates for release dates for future features at this time. We encourage AyaNova users to provide suggestions on new features in our Wish Listarea of this forum

I would suggest setting up the trial AyaNova along with the AyaNova Data Portal to see how it is for the technicians on the road, as well as confirm the features of AyaNova itself meets your needs.

Let me know if you have additional questions. As per the Contact web page, all support is via the AyaNova Support Forum and direct email so that we can provide affordable software to you with no charge for support. Our “normal” reply time of day is 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday, but as you can see by it being 6:30AM right now and other replies thorugh out this forum, you can see that we do tend to provide replies at various times of day.

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What would be the updated answer to this question? I’m in a somewhat similar(mobile techs) situation. I know that the “air cards” are faster now but I don’t know how much faster. We bill mostly by the repair project(fixed price) plus parts but sometimes by the hour. 90% of which is on the spur and only 10% by schedule. 50% of what we do is in-house but the other are mobile techs and I’d like them updated immediately or at least end of day.

I know this is probably more than the question asked but I have many. I know I can download the trial but it’s difficult enough to get my daily tasks done in a 10-12 hour day without adding trial-tester to my title. Your application looks VERY promising to us, especially since we have offices in English(US-mainland) and Spanish(PuertoRico) locations. I’ll just keep lurking in the forum/FAQ/video sections to get htem answered.


The previous posts in this topic were originally posted two years ago in 2006. Since than, a lot of new features have been added to AyaNova as well as the optional add-on WBI (web browser interface)been made available, and too the optional add-on MBI (mobile browser interface)

The optional add-on MBI (mobile browser interface) is for scheduled users using small hand held devices with internet access to see their schedule while on the road, update the status of their scheduled workorders while on the road, add labor to their workorders, easy access to client’s address and contact information, ability to create and read memos, and so on.

Do note that MBI does not provide ability to create new clients, new workorders,etc

If your remote users need access to not just the above but also much more such as create users, create workorders and enter not just labor but also parts, etc and more, you will want to have your remote users accessing via WBI (web browser interface).

With both of these optional add-ons to the main AyaNova program, your remote users are viewing and entering data live - no more wondering if you have the latest information and no more having to run back to the office to upload your billable information - as everything you entered is viewable by those in the office immediately, as is what is entered by the office is immediately viewable by you out on the road.

Do check out the overview of features of these optional add-ons via the links. Let me know if you have additional questions.

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