Will I need to re-enter info?

I have recently purchase QuickBooks and was wondering if I can import the information (clients, parts, etc.) to QuickBooks? If not, do I have to re-enter all information into QuickBooks and then link them? Also if I purchase a copy of QBI, will it remember the information from the trial database or do I have to re-enter all that information? Thanks.


QBI 1.2imports QuickBooks clients, parts and rates into AyaNova but not the other direction.

QBI 1.2 imports only the workorder data from AyaNova into QuickBooks invoices.It does not import AyaNova clients, parts, service rates into QuickBooks.

If you have a lot of clients, parts and rates data, it would be suggested to create or have created for you by a QuickBooks developer anIIF file from the data in the AyaNova database following QuickBook specifications to easily and quickly import all the needed data without having to manually enter into QuickBooks. Have listed a few sites below where you can post a request or contact a developer, or contact your local QuickBooks reseller.




Again if you have a lot of data, it would be suggested torequest that the developer also create a utility that identifies the QuickBooks client, part and rate that are created in QuickBooks and links them for you in AyaNova so that you do not have to manually link each after the IIF imports AyaNova data into QuickBooks.

Information for a developer can be found within the AyaNova Manual reference section and the AyaNova Schema Documentation. Both are available from http://www.ayanova.com/manual.htm A developer can also post any questions they may have on the For Developers sub-forum

QBI itself does not have the capability to “remember” - QBI only compares the data in QuickBooks with the data in AyaNova, and transfers data between the two. It does not hold any data itself.

While testing the trialQBI it utilizes a special trial copy of your AyaNova database - any data in this trial database does not get integrated when you purchase QBI. The special trial database is used so you do not adversely affect your live data - either live AyaNova nor live QuickBooks - so you can test out all functions without having to edit your live data.

(FORUM NOTE: This post relates to an earlier version of QBI - please check out the features of the latest version of QBI which include many more features)