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Do you have any idea when it would be possible to get ayanova working under windows vista? At the moment every time i try to open it on a vista machine it just pops up its version of the close program dialog saying the program had to be terminated. If you would like i can get the technical details from it and send them but i wanted to find out what your plans were with that.


Hi David

We will be releasing a Vista compatible AyaNova version as soon as possible - our plan is to do so before the officialrelease of Vista.

AyaNova v3.2.7 and lower is not Vista compatible. This is not a bug. We do list the operating systems that AyaNova is compatible with in the AyaNova v3 Manual and on the AyaNova Technical FAQ web page.

We’ve had to waituntil Vista went into rc release status before final Vista compatible development. Development and further testing thatis required in response to the new codewill be doneon our end to upgrade 3rd party components that are used in some areas of AyaNova to become Vista compatible.

We will be releasing a Vista compatible AyaNova version as soon as possible - our plan is to do so before the final full release of Vista.

  • Joyce

Hi again David

We’vebeen testing the"beta" compatible third party components with the Vista RC (release candidate) - looks good to us in our testing. But we won’t be getting the final third party component version that is backwards compatible with Win2000, WinXP and Win2003 until just before / just after Vista is officially released.

Here is a link to the “RC” Vista compatible AyaNova v3.2.7 installation file


-Remove any previous AyaNova v3.2.7 or lower installation / program fileson this Vista computer
-Use this installation to install the AyaNova v3.2.7 program onto your local Vista computer’s harddrive.
-Run AyaNova - this will first log into the default trial AyaNova database that was installed by default to the same program folder - run this to confirm the trial loads successfully etc.
-Exit out of the trial AyaNova
-Replace the existing AyaNova.exe.config file with a copy of your cusotmizedAyaNova.exe.config thatconnects to your live networked AyaNova v3.2.7 database
-Run AyaNova on this Vista computer - you are now connected to your live data.

Don’t use these program files on a non-Vista station. As stated above, the third party components have not been confirmed compatible with Win2000, WinXP or Win2003 - only with Vista. On Win2000, WinXP or Win2003 computers, use the “regular” AyaNova installation files from and from the Known Issues & Updates section in this forum to update to v3.2.7

[NOTE: This link has been deactivated as we will be shortly providing the AyaNova v3.3 installation file.

We will be providing a fully VISTA compatible AyaNova installation shortly - ETA December 2006]

  • Joyce

Ok that all makes sense just one more question. I would like to use that vista version of ayanova but from my understanding this might not be applicable in my case. I am running a windows 2003 server with several windows xp workstations and i am currently running a single vista rc1 client. Is there anyway for that vista machine to access the network database or do i need to wait until you release the fully downward compatible version.



Hi again David

Yes - you do use this AyaNova program file installation on your Vista computer to connect to your networked AyaNova database.

And yes - you continue to use the regular AyaNova v3.2.7 installation program fileson Win2000, WinXP or Win2003 stations - but this special installation file is ONLY for Vista computers to be able to run the AyaNova v3.2.7 program. Its regardless whether you are running stand-alone or networked, even networked with other operating systems.

Just don’t put these Vista AyaNova installationprogram files onto any Win2000, WinXP or Win2003 computer.

Do the steps above just as directed to install these AyaNova v3.2.7 program files onto your Vista computer.

Than as per step #5, copy the AyaNova.exe.config configuration file from your server to this Vista computer so that this Vista AyaNova v3.2.7 program files connect to your networked AyaNova database.

It’s possible something isn’t coming across in my steps - please do let me know which specifically is not explained enough.

  • Joyce

Hi again David

The latest maintainance release of AyaNova v3.3.3.0 has been beta tested with Vista and deemed compatible.

Check out Known Issues & Updates section of this forum for steps to upgrade to the latest version of AyaNova.

  • Joyce

Do note that the latest version AyaNova 4 now installs the AyaNova 4 database by default into %AllUsersProfile%\AyaNovaData folder

  • Joyce