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I’ve just updated to Vista and have taken a backup prior to the installation (from Windows XP Pro). I’ve downloaded the latest version (same as the XP istallation) and the demo data worked. I’ve then copied the backup .fdb file over the demo and it dosen’t seem to have copied properly and keeps the original demo data although windows has said that it has copied/replaced file. Any suggestions?



Hi Ian

From what I understand, if UAC is turned on, Vista does funky stuff that is a “virtualization” of existing files - resulting in although you have an AYANOVA.FDB file in the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3 folder - Vista actually uses a virtual copy of theAYANOVA.FDB for that specific user.

If youturn off UAC - then AyaNova will attach to the correct database actually located in the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3 folder

Another AyaNova user had this happened, and provided the following : dir=ltr " ">

"It looks like Windows Vista placed a copy of the trial Ayanova.fdb in the compatibility files folder. So I had to rename the file once in the Program file and a second time in the compatibility files folder. "

If you do have UAC on - then check in the Computer/Users/username/appdata/local/virtualstore/program files/ground zero tech-works inc/ayanova3 folder for a “virtual” copy of the AyaNova database file

  • Joyce

Do note that the latest version of AyaNova 4 now installs the AyaNova 4 database into the %AllUsersProfile%\AyaNovaData folder

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