Wish to be able to edit or delete Banked Service Entires

Last week one of our people made a mistake and entered too many hours into AyaNova while creating a new Service Bank for a customer who’s Banked Service Hours expired. Having no other option, I told the person to create a new bank of hours and enter negative hours to offset the hours’ difference.

When she attempted to do this she forgot to enter a minus sign to the offsetting hours and ended up giving the customer even more additional hours.

I think this process should be easier for end users. A facility exists everywhere else in the program to edit or delete, except for closed workorders, and I would like to see one added here.


Hi Bob

As per John’s post to your topic http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2441-100-1.aspxBanked Service entries are locked once entered and can not be deleted.

Entering a negative amount to offset an incorrect entry correctly maintains the feature - as well as ensuring a log of an off-setting entries.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce,

I just was “wishing” for a simple methodto be able to correct a mistake… or two.

Hi again Bob

The simple way to address an entry of an incorrect amount in a Bank Service is to enter an offsetting amount.

Deleting the record itself would mean that we could not include the ability to display a balance after entering the amount. Although you do not use this as you enter amounts not on the date the are added or subtracted, many AyaNova users do - and we would not want to take away this ability.

As John posted in his reply to the topic identified above, we will be adding the ability to print from the Bank Service grid in the next maintenance update, and we will provide a sample report template that uses a script so that you can create your own “balance” to display on a grid based on the column that is presently localized as “Effective Date”.

  • Joyce