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I just want to let you guys know that it would be a very good idea to keep your software key handy if you do buy this product. I made my purchase over a year ago and needed to do a reinstall. Well low and behold i changed email accounts and no longer had access to my searchable emails. I was told i would have to pay a ridiculous 35.00 admin fee and would have to have my ShareIT invoice number. Share it is a third party software company that will process your order. Well i couldnt find that either so i was told i had to purchase the software again.

If you want to do business with this company go ahead… the software is actually pretty cool. but remember keep your key.

hopefully they dont take this post down.

Hello Corey

Do note that in my replys to your email I stated that the email addresses you provided are not registered for any licensed purchase of AyaNova.

I asked you for your ShareIT reference number as confirmation of purchase as that is our way of confirmation.

I also reminded you that once a keycode is applied, it never has to be re-applied as it is maintained in the AyaNova database along with the data. In the event of a loss of the database (i.e. harddrive failure, fire, theft, corruption, etc) you would restore the database from backup which in addition to restoring the licensing also restores your data.

Unfortunately in this day and age, we do (as do other software companies) actually get a number of emails saying that they have lost their key and can they be sent a new one, but the person emailing has never purchased and is hoping to get a free license. Without confirmation of payment, a re-issue of a keycode can not be sent. I am not saying this is your situation, but I am sure you understand our policy because of this.

The administration fee covers the costs of re-issuing the keycode.I am sure you also understand that it is not fair to others ifthe AyaNova license price has to be raised to cover the costs of re-issuing keycodesfor those that do notmaintain a backup of their database.

In addition to not having to apply a keycode again, you also recover all of your data if you have a backup in the event of a loss of the database.

As per my direct replies to your emails, if you do not have a backup of your database to restore, provide the ShareIT reference number as confirmation of your purchase and we can go from there.

  • Joyce