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Good day!

We have a networked Ayanova (trial license). Is it possible to export data to a temporary database on my laptop so I could take it HOME, do my data entries/updates then import/copy/update the shared/networked database when i get back to the office?

We have not set up Ayanova for remote access yet but we are hoping to do it in the future.

Thank you in advance.


The importexport utility provided at no charge with AyaNova can import and export clients, units and parts (see more details in the online Help documentation starting with ).

We do not provide a utility to import/export service workorders, etc.

No, you can not export back and forth your data entries/updates between multiple AyaNova databases.

What you will want to do is configure one or more of the remote access options for AyaNova so you can access your live AyaNova database from anywhere.

Besides providing access to you when you are at home, also prevents problems exporting and importing including loss of data, overwriting of data, forgetting to import, etc.

Do note too, that the AyaNova Data portal is provided at no extra license charge - set up as per the online Help documentation starting with

  • Joyce