Work order item request date

When we enter a new workorder and try to put the request date on the workorder items line to todays date, the program will not allow us to do this without first changing the date to a day prior to today or to a future day. This only started happening since installing version 3.2.4.


Hi Gary

Can you provide how you are entering, each step, and any message you receive, as I am not getting an issue entering todays date in the Request Date in a service workorder?

This is how I entered:

Created a new service workorder
Entered text in Item Summary
Tabbed to Workorder Type and selected a type
Tabbed to Request Date
Than clicked on the Displayed Date & Time at the menu from the top which automatically entered in todays date & time
Tabbed to Workorder Item Status and selected a status
Tabbed to Priority and selected a priority
Selected Save from the menu

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

In your list of steps followed, instead of “Than clicked on the Displayed Date & Time at the menu from the top which automatically entered in todays date & time” we are using the drop down arrow on the request date field, to get the calander and then selectingtodays datefrom the calendar.

When selecting today’s date from the top of the screen, it does auto-populate today’s date in the request date field. We were not using it this way so it had changed. I would assume you should be able to select today’s date from the calendar and get the same result.


Hi again Gary

I see now. Yes - it remains blank if you select todays date.

I will place this in the AyaNova v3 Known Issues & Updates list for the next maintenance release.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

For noweither select a different date, and than select todays date as you have been doing. Or as outlined above, click within the Request Date, and select the Displayed Date & Time above to automatically place todays date and time into the Request Date field.

  • Joyce


Do please refer to the AyaNova Known Issues & Updates for information on applying the v3.2.5 update which addresses this issue

  • Joyce