Work Order ITEM Status - In Color?

Hi Joyce,

We love the color coding feature for work order status. We use the colors to identify work order status in the Service grid - Service Workorders subgrid.

Red = needs scheduling, Orange = in progress Yellow = On hold etc etc. Because so many of our work orders are multi item over multi days I use a custom filter in the Service grid - Item subgrid, to show me the progress of the individual items on each work order so that I can address scheduling and follow upneeds on a more granular basis. Would be hugely helpful to be able to see the item status in colors as well. Thanks for listening!

Hi Mike

I believe it was done that way to avoid confusion - Workorder Status shows color in the navigation pane grids, whereas in the Schedule screen, its the Workorder Item Status that denotes the color.

I’ll put on the to do list to have the color show for the Workorder Item Status column in the Service navigation pane grids too for the update that will be provided around the same time when we release the QBI optional add-on (we are working towards mid-March).

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce - It helps to know that. I am on page 200-and something in the manual but even for a nerd like me it’s A LOT of info to digest!

If you were as hard on yourselves in the 80’sas I was, you know that RETAINING that info is even harder! :wink:

:laugh: I hear ya

Workorder Item Status nows displays colored on the applicable grids in the latest AyaNova version. Refer to the forum section Known Issues & Updates for the latest version update instructions.