Work Order not appearing when selected

The AyaNova update installed well. We have been using it for 2 days. This morning I was using it at my computer and all was well. I came back to check on new work orders and I selected one to view and the task bar showed the work order being open but it never displayed on my screen. I was able to close it and navigate the AyaNova software and everything seemed to work right with the exception of not being able to view the work order details. Any thoughts?


Hi Dave

What it sounds like is happening is that the Workorder entry screen is “off” the monitor screen.

Two ways to fix this:

  1. Log in as the username that cannot viewthe workorder entry screen, and go to and follow the steps in that topic to move the workorder entry screen back onto their monitor.

  2. Or clear that usernames forms by the following:

-Make sure that username is logged out of AyaNova
-Log into AyaNova as the AyaNova Administrator
-Select to open the User entry screen for that user from the Users grid in the Administration navigation pane.
-Select the button “Clear all users forms customizations”, save and exit out of the User entry screen
-Now have those users log into AyaNova and open a workorder entry screen.
-All forms and grids will be reset to that of the AyaNova Administrator - so if the AyaNova Administrator was able to view the workorder entry screen, now will that username

Let me know it now works.

  • Joyce