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Attached is my template. I have been working on a modified version of the sample detailed work order. The problem I have is now, Under detail band 5, the parts are listed. I want to insert a space for a serial number if any. When I move the band down, the existing table just keeps expanding. Also, is there a way to have the serial number row (if I can add it), to NOT show if there is not a S/N?

Also, I cannot seem to be able to get the sales tax to appear at the bottom of the report, they are included and correctin the line “Total”, but nothing appears on the “Sales Tax” line. Have I hacked this template up too much?

Thank you again!

Hi Joshua

  1. Issue with tax showing at bottom:

The field xrNetTaxB that is next to the field with text Sales Tax at the bottom of your report template is to only show whatever the total of all Tax B in this workorder. If nothing is showing in this field, it may be that your taxes are all Tax A instead (Tax B is set to 0% which is why nothing shows here).

Where it shows NetTaxB in the script, edit to NetTaxA, save and see if that addresses you issue.

  1. Moving table down, causes table to just keep expanding:

This is because the table has the property Dock set to FILL and you need to edit it to None if you want to add other fields below the existing table into that detail band.

Highlight the table

Select the Properties tab

Change the Dock property for this table to None

Now the table won’t expand or “fill” the entire detail band so you can add more fields.

  1. Serial Number field:

I would suggest inserting a column in the table to the right of the Part column in the table, and than editing the DataBinding property for the new columnto point to the Serial Number field in the WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem.WorkorderItemWorkorderItemPart.LT_WorkorderItemPart_Label_PartSerialIDas well as changing the widths of the columns in that table to accomodate adding anothercolumn (i.e make the Price Ea., Discount, etc each not as wide). This way, if there is a serial number for the part it will print to the parts right and if no serial number, nothing will print there.

Or do as you were about to above, once you have edited the table property Dock to None, drag over the Serial Number field to under the existing table so that it will print if there is a serial number for the part.

  • Joyce

Thank you. You make it seem so simple.