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On Work Order instead of Actual $Rate Chargebeing displayed - Rate Name comes up. However when the same rate name is selected in the labour screen the $Rate chage is displayed.

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I do not understand where in the workorder you are referring to.

The $ amount for a rate charge does not display (via the AyaNova program, nor via WBI) in the Scheduled Users sub-grid, nor does it display in the Labor sub-grid in a workorder.

Actual $ amounts are displayable via a report template if you select the datafield WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem.WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor.LT_WorkorderItemLabor_Label_LaborRateCharge and the Rate Name is displayed in a report template if you select the WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem.WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor.LT_WorkorderItemLabor_Label_ServiceRateID

Please make screenshots of the different areas you are referring to in the AyaNova program and via WBI so that I can see what and where you mean.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce

On the printed workorder - there’s a field suggested Rate - which I presumed would display the suggested rate selected (the rates that become optional when i am filling the scheduled users portion of the work order)

Hi agian

In the sample Dispatching Report, the Suggested Rate displays the name of the rate - not its dollar amount. Datafields from the Scheduled Users sub-screen do not include what the actual $ amount for the rate is - just its name.

You can check what data fields are available for that reprot template by looking in the Fields tab in the report designer.

If a sample report template does not by default display the fields you want, than you can customize it to do so by adding from the datafields that are available. Do refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Creating Custom Reports” which includes tutorials on opening and editing a report template to go over the basics. Also the AyaNova v3 Printing & Reports Templates section of this forum other posts by other AyaNova users as well as additional sample report templates that you will find helpful. If you do have additional questions or wish help with a report template, please be sure to attach an exported copy of the report template to your reply identifying the exact field(s) referring to so that I may help

Let me know if you have additional questions

  • Joyce