Workorder description in a report


I have checked the forum (maybe not well enough…) but have not found an answer.
I am trying to get the description of a workorder to show in a report. At the moment all my workorders are listed by part number. A description is loaded to each one but I cannot find a way to get these descriptions into a report.
I am using Ayanova Lite Settings in global are Number - Name - Manufacturer

Attached is a sample of the part number to description I am looking to be able to get in the reports.

Workorder item type.JPGWorkorder item description.JPG

Thank you in advance for your time with this.

Hello LeeRoy

I believe what is wanted is, you want the text from the Description field from the Parts entered in your AyaNova Lite workorder entry screen to show in a report template.

To do this, you just need to customize your report template to include the Description datafield where you want it.

Are you familiar with customizing report templates in AyaNova?
Have you followed along with the tutorials on report template customization starting ?
Have you also specifically followed along with the tutorial example of adding additional datafields onto the report template design which will walk you through customizing a copy of a sample report template to display additional fields from an AyaNova entry screen.
And then you would do similar with your report template you want customized - view the Fields tab, expand to see the datafields available, drag and drop, etc.

I would be happy to also provide specific help.
Please provide as per #3 of forum topic Custom-report-templates
(i.e. provide:
[li]export and provide me with a copy of your report template you want to customize to a file as per (if the report template is a Sample report template, identify if so, AND identify if there has been ANY customizations done to this at all yet)[/li][li] provide a screenshot of a service workorder that has part(s) with descriptions you would want to show[/li][li] Print preview a copy of this report template from this same service workorder, export to a PDF file and provide.[/li][li] referring to that exported print preview you provide, identify in words in your reply exactly where you want this Description field to display, or better yet draw on the screenshot you will send where exactly you want it placed[/li][li] Let me know what you tried to do, making sure to identify each step (screenshots that fully show the entire screen at each step are superb!), and I would be happy to help point you in the right direction so you can customize further[/li][li] Or if you would like me to do this for you, I provide specific the customization itself for a fee as outlined in that forum topic Custom-report-templates[/li][li] Or if you would like me to provide specific step by step what you would do specifically in this circumstances to make this specific datafield show, I can also do that for a fee. Just let me know details and we can go from there![/li][/ul]

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Thank you as always for your quick reply.

I have checked through all of the links that you provided but this still does not seem to enable me to obtain what I am looking for from what I can see.
I have familiarised myself with template customisation and have built several reports using the data bindings etc.

Apologies though as looking back through my original post I did not explain very clearly what I was looking for.

What I am trying to achieve is get the description of the high level assembly into my reports, not the parts that I fitted to the higher level assembly. This I can already do from the details provided on the help pages.
Below is a sample of some of the high level assy’s loaded and their descriptions from the sub-grids menu.
Workorder item description.JPG
These higher level assy part numbers are what I enter into the workorder input menu.
Workorder entry.JPG
I want to be able to run any column style report (whether from a template or built from scratch) that brings in the description of the high level assembly.
Column report sample.JPG

If you could point me to either any report that has this capability or the steps needed to find the correct string (workorder_xxx_xxx_) then this would be fantastic.

Thank you in advance for your time with this.

Hello LeeRoy

Thank you for providing more details.

Specifically what you want then, is to show the Description datafield from the Workorder Item Type that is selected for each workorder item, in a report ( please note that although you can relabel anything in AyaNova to whatever text you want, underlying would still be a Workorder Item Type, not a part ).

As you know, Workorder Item Type Description field is not an available datafield in any report from the Service navigation grids or wo screens.

For experienced developers, AyaNova 6.5 and higher includes the ability to use API Methods to bring in data not available through the report templates datasets.
For example, using API Methods, you could bring in the Workorder Item Type’s Description datafield into a service workorder’s report template.

See the API section of this forum for details - the forum posts that have subject heading Reporting: Example of using API Methods to …

I’m thinking perhaps that the forum topic Reporting-Example-of-using-API-Methods-to-display-additional-Rate-data-in-a-Service-WO-report would be closest to what you were looking for.

Or as offered, provide as requested (your report template you want customized, mockup of what and where, screenshots, etc) and I would be happy to provide this customization for a fee.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Thank you for your time with this and detailed explanation.
I will consider the offer of a report customisation as using the API is not something I can do, or want to spend time learning.