Workorder enhancement request - Customer History

Often when we are providing support for a client, it would be found useful while already in an open Workorder to list the previous open Workorders displaying the Workorder number and perhaps the Summary entry. This way the User can quickly review if the client has any historical calls in the past that may be related to an existing issue. If there is a related Summary entry, it would be useful if they could view the Workorder on the fly to possibly find the resolution to an existing problem.

Hi Trevor, thank you for posting your feature suggestion. Do note that AyaNova does have the List All Workorders feature.

For example, if you are in a workorder and you need to quickly bring up all workorders for a client:

  • Minimize the workorder entry screen you are in
  • Right-click on the clients name in any grid in AyaNova
  • Select List All Workorders
  • AyaNova will automatically filter the Service Workorders grid by that client showing all workorders for that client
  • And if you have the Summary column showing, you can easily see at a glance the summary about each workorder as well as be able to quickly open up any workorder for this client on the fly to view more details.

See also the AyaNova Help file section

  • Joyce