Workorder enhancement request - Parts Search

As our parts list grows longer, we find it cumbersome to flip to the search window to find a part to add to a quote or a work order. It would be most useful if we could type in a portion of a part number and or part description and a list of all parts containing that string would be displayed and selectable to enter into the work order/quote. IE: Typing “red” in the search would display a part number “123-RED678” or a part with a description “Black & Red widgets”

I’d like to second this. Having a fuzzy search available for adding parts to a WO, PO, etc. would be great.

I’d like to add on to that and have a fuzzy search on each grid. Filters will get you there but it’s a lot of steps to filter everything and get the right list. Having a quick fuzzy search available at the top of the grid could save huge amounts of time finding things.