Workorder Invoice Number


have hunted around and no luck so far.

What is the property for workorder Invoice Number please ?


Hi Martin

InvoiceNumber is a property of WorkorderService as per

Or perhaps you are looking for the localization key which is WorkorderService.Label.InvoiceNumber

If any additional questions, I would recommend outlying what exactly you plan on doing, using, etc and then we may be able to answer more explicitly.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I am writing a script to put in the invoice numbers from a text file. We have a view set and the script runs through the workorders and looks into a text file to see if there is a corresponding invoice number for the workorder. If there is then write this into the invocie field in the workorder.

The one I am after is InvoiceNumber as part of WorkorderService (I did not look in the right place in the API documentation !).

The only question I have is how do I get to the appropriate WorkorderService item ?

Code I have is:
// ========================
// Get the workorder Number
// ========================
Guid gWOItemID=new Guid(DetailReport.GetCurrentColumnValue(“ID”).ToString());

//now that we have the Item, now can fetch the workorder from the woitem id
Workorder w = Workorder.GetWorkorderByRelativeNoMRU(RootObjectTypes.WorkorderItem, gWOItemID);

Thanks for all the help.
Never ceases to amaze me actually how quick the response is from you.

Fixed myself

Obvious really !!


Excellent to hear! Thank you for posting too.

  • Joyce