Workorder list screen

hello i would like to ba able to choose the categories that i see on this page, right now i can choose only one category or all of them. but i would like to see all categories but one or two. maybe in the next gen ayanova you can take this into consideration


Good morning!

The new navigation pane grids list datain a commpletely new and improved format that will allow you to drill deeper and customize the filtering(for example, you could select to show only service workorders where the workorder category selected wasCategory A or_ Category B);

Also you will be able to filter by multiple fields (categories, projects, status, etc) ;be able to even select a rangeto filter by (could select to only show parts beginning A - H for example)as well as sort by the first four columns.

The new navigation panes will fully meet your list needs.

We are working away to get the beta out so you can take a look.