WorkOrder - Parts Issue

Something that is not good - When I create a new work order and add any parts to it - It displays the part number, description and the supplier? I cannot have my supplier information displayed on work orders that I give a copy of to my customer - Is there any way to turn that off?


You determine how a “part” is displayed in drop down selection lists and in report templates where the part datafield is selected, by selecting the Part Display Format in Global Settings.

It sounds like you have "part number - name - manufacturer"presently selected.

You can pick “Name only”, “Number only” and many other combinations.

Don’t forget to Save and exit out of the AyaNova program and then log back in before you will see the change made in Global Settings.

You can also find this information in the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Global Settings” starting page 445.

As well, thisinformation is also foundin the section on using Service Workorders - the sectionn which goes through each section and field of service workorder entry screen including selecting the part - I do recommend that you review that section too (“Service Workorder” starting page 106)

  • Joyce

In global settings, I have use inventory and use regions -Nothing about parts format. Also - The manual is not very user friendly, sorry to day. It makes assumptions on a persons knowledge of the program.

Hi again

I would highly encourage you to review the manual as directed - it will help you if you do not understand a feature.

As directed in the manual section on the parts section of a service workorder page 155:

How parts display in the selection is dependant on the Global setting selected within the Administration pane – whether part number + part name + part manufacturer or part name + part number etc. Refer to the Administration section for more information.

As directed in the Administration section on Global Settings,the manual identifies the function of setting each of the fields in the Global Settings screen - including the Parts display format (page 450)

If you click on that Page display format field in the Global Settings screen, you will see a drop down list of all the possible settings to set the part display format as.

This section also identifies on page 446 that you can click on a field, and details about that setting will display at the bottom of the Global Settings sceen.

Doexplain what you mean by the manual “makes assumptions on a persons knowledge of the program”. The reason for a manual is to provide detailed information on a program for those that are not familiar with its features and use. And the AyaNova v3 Manual provides detailed information on all the features of AyaNova, including tips on use and tutorials. We always encourage suggestions - if you have a suggestion that would make the manual easier to use, do provide it us as we are always striving to improve.

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