Workorder Reports

After customizingand trying to previewa workorder report I received theerror message below. Now no matter what I change it will not let me preview or print the workorder report. How can I rectify this?

There are following errors in script(s):
reportHeaderBand1.OnBeforePrint, line 7: error CS0103: The name ‘pnlUnit’ does not exist in the current context


From the message, this indicates that you have removed a panel that was called pnlUnit

  • Select the reportHeaderBand1
    -In the Properties tab, expand the Scripts property
    -Edit the OnBeforePrint script property, removing the line(s) that refer to pnlUnit
    -Close out of that script property
    -Now select Print Preview so you confirm no additional errors occur
    -If additional errors occur, it will identfy what band or what field the error is coming from so that you can correct it.

  • Joyce