Workorder status after invoicing

I knowthat after I use QBI to invoice the work order the work order status in updated and set to the status I told it to with QBI, however for payment tracking purposes I would like to be able to somewhere add a note in the workorder if a payment was received or not. Is there any field or any place we can do this? If not that would be something to add to the wish list. I am sure people that track payments for work done would like to add that to the work order information.

Hi Debbie

There is not a field specifically in the AyaNova workorder to track whether the workorder has been paid for by the client or not, but you could localize a field for it, or add a custom field for the workorder item

I suggest tracking payment via QuickBooks from where the invoice is created as your accounting program is where you track Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, whether full payment is received, when payment is received, etc.

If you do not close the workorder after invoicing (setting via preferences in QBI), you could localize Closed checkbox field to instead be the text Invoice Paid. And when the customer has paid, that is when you checkmark that field and close the workorder for historical viewing and reporting only

  • Joyce