Workorder/scheduled user

I just recently purchased 12 licenses, 1 for every user in house. At our business we schedule on site techs, and have a group of project managers, that would be opening work orders, and filling out the required info.

The issue I have ran into is since we use subcontractors for the on site work, we have added them to our Vendor database within AyaNova. When we created a work order, and went to labor, to select the vendor that would be doing the onsite work. Ayanova only provides us with the 12 users that are project managers.

How can we setup a custom field to select the vendor we plan on using for the onsite? These vendors will never log into ayanova, and is only for scheduling and billing purposes.

Does anyone have any ideas?

If it cannot be done, the program is no use to us.

Thank you


Hi James

As outlined on the AyaNova website (the FAQ & Answers, the Pricing web page, throughout this forum), AyaNova is not licensed by the number of users that enter or view data, but by the number you want to schedule and assign to workorders - users set as the type Scheduleable Users that require a license.

For example, if your Project Managers only enter and view data, they should not be set as the type Scheduleable User so that they do not use up a license.

For a complete overview of this, also see How many licenses do I require? as well as the examples on the Pricing & Purchaseweb page

What you will want to do is set up your subcontractors as AyaNova Users of the User Type Scheduleable User so that they can be selected as a scheduleable user in the Scheduled Users subsection of a workorder and display in the Schedule screen. You don’t have to give your subcontractors actual access to AyaNova, but if you want to track and schedule them, they would have to be set up as schedulable users.

And if you have set up any of your own staff that just enter and view data as Schedulable Users, set them instead to Non-Schedulable Users so that the license is freed up for those you do want to schedule.

Do review also see How many licenses do I require? and let me know if you have additional questions on this.

  • Joyce