Workorer report that includes custom fields of units

I have tried the online documentation and forums but cannot find a definitive answer as to whether I can include custom fields of units on a workorder service details report. The purpose of this is to print an asset ID that we are storing in a custom field attached to units on workorders, so that the report can list the unit to be serviced with the normal information,plus the asset ID of the unit (which is a custom field).

If custom fields of units cannot be used on this report I do realise that there are some other ways to work around the problem (using fields differently) but we are already using all the standard fields and I suppose I hoped that custom fields of units could be used in reports for service of units (otherwise the custom fields have limited utility).

Can someone advise me …


The Custom Fields from the Unit entry screen are not available for use in a detailed report template for a Workorder. They are available for use in a detailed report template for the Unit - a report from the Unit’s grid or the Unit’s entry screen. Whereas a report from a Workorder entry screen or a Workorder grid is based on datafrom a workorder entry screen and the Unit’s custom fields are not displayedin a workorder.

For data to be able to print on a detailed report template for a workorder, its datafields must be available via that report template’s Fields List.

If you view the Field List tab in a detailed report template for a workorder, and expand the WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem dataset, you will see listed all the available datafields from the Workorder Item section of a workorder’s entry screen which include from the Unit’s entry screenthe following fields:

  • Serial Number (Unit.Serial)
  • Purchased Date (Unit.PurchasedDate)
  • Unit Model (O.UnitModel

Unit’s Custom fields are not available via the Field List for a detailed workorder report.

The Custom Fields from a Workorder Item record ARE available for usein a detailed report template for a Workorder, as are other fields from the workorder entry screen - Workorder Item Summary, Service Details, etc and you can use those in a workorder and have them print in a detailed workorder report template.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for your reply. You have confirmed what I was hoping would not be the case.

In our particular application we are seeking to print a report (a dispatch sheet) that lists the serial number and a text field related to units. We can’t use a workorder or workorder item level field - it has to be a unique value that is attached to units (althought it can be a custom field or a standard field attached to units).

Given that there are only three unit.whatever fields available in the workorder report, is there something we could do in a script or something to pull the data in another way?

Hoping there is a solution,

Jason Bock

Hi Jason,as per my previous reply and the forum topic have to be coded specifically by development - hardcoded into the program - a user can not add them via a script or other means.

If the report is a detailed report template for a workorder, the datafields that are available are those listed in its Field List. A suggestion at this time is if not resolved using the three available unit fields via the WorkorderItem dataset, is to use an existing field in the workorder’s Field List- i.e. a field from the workorder, workorder item, workorder item custom fields, outside service, etc

Do note that the next major version AyaNova 5 will have 4 new additional text fields from the unit entry screen available in a detailed report template for a workorder. And we will be looking into adding additional fields from the Unit entry screen to be made available depending on how it affects performance.

  • Joyce

Just wanted to post here a reminder about the new feature of AyaNova 6.5 and higher of using API Methods to include additional data in reports - include data that is not available from the datasets in the Field List such as the Unit’s Custom fields to be shown in a workorder report.

Check out the examples in the API section of this forum