Would like your experience/feedback with PeachTree Integration

Phil here, Production Manager for a small HVAC/Electrical Sales & Service Co. in Texas.

Considering Service Management software and obviously looking at how we would integrate AYANOVA/PeachTree 2010 Complete.

Would like anyone’s feedback on the following:

Duplication of Inventory between programs.
Understand that it’s necessary to make PT charge the correct amount on invoice,
but does it negatively affect the size of your PT DataBase?

Purchase Orders
Since AYANOVA doesn’t transfer PO’s or Vendor Bills, it looks like everyone that
uses AYANOVA/PT has to duplicate this work documentation. Automating Parts
Purchasing is a big reason to go with this software but if you end up doing twice
the work I don’t understand how you could get an ROI in this category.
Please share your process for this.

Separation of work in the different programs
If your company separates these individual categories of work, ie. I saw some early
posts that said that they used AYANOVA just for WorkOrder/Dispatching and PT for
everything else - Can that really increase efficiency enough to matter?

Looks like we’d still be bogged down in PT…would love to move away from needing
it for so many things.

If you’ve switched from PT to QB using AYANOVA:
Please share how much better the functionality and information flow is.
*Have really considered buying QB (with my personal money) just to see the
difference in how much more info I could get from service management software
because for all the softwares I’ve looked at the QB interface just looks about 3
times better

Appreciate any insights.


Hi Phil, just wanted to confirm here - you are hoping to get responses from other AyaNova users only? Or do you also want us here with AyaNova Support to respond too?

  • Joyce

Hahahaha lol…Thanks Joyce, Open to everybody and all feedback is very much appreciated.

If you make a record in any program (a record can be for example, an invoice, a client record, etc), be it AyaNova or Peachtree, that adds to the size of its database. So if you create an invoice in Peachtree, that will add to the size of the Peachtree database. I think this is what you are asking about?

PTI provides features to cut down on duplication of entry of the following:
*Import clients, vendors and items from the PeachTree company data file into the AyaNova database - no need to manually enter into both programs.
*Import clients and vendors from the AyaNova database into the PeachTree company data file - no need to manually enter into both programs.
*Link existing AyaNova data with PeachTree data - useful if for example you have multiple clients in AyaNova that represent separate locations for service but want to link them all to a single PeachTree client for billing
*Synchronize linked part price information between the AyaNova database and the PeachTree company data file
*Export billable data from AyaNova service workorders into PeachTree invoices - saves re-entering data manually because the data in the service workorder is directly converted to a PeachTree invoice without any retyping of information, as well as ensures that your billable items are all billed out and you do not forget.
*Consolidate multiple AyaNova service workorders into one PeachTree invoice

Your ROI of PTI would be based on two main things: 1. how much time PTI saves you on manually duplicating your clients, parts, etc into AyaNova and Peachtree; and 2. on making sure that your billable items are all invoiced out.

Many of our AyaNova users have found that this feature alone more than pays for itself by ensuring that they do not forget to bill out in a timely fashion. For example, we had one company that would something forget to bill out for months if they remembered at all - whereas with even just the Invoice # field filtered on the Service Workorder grid, they could easily see at a glance what workorders needed to be billed. And with the optional accounting add-on interface whether PTI or QBI, they would just invoice out at the end of each day as so easy to do.

There are a lot more QuickBooks users than Peachtree. Because of this ecomony of scale, we are able to provide more QuickBooks interface features than in the Peachtree interface. Also see the overview of QBI features in its Help documentation http://www.ayanova.com/QBI6webHelp/overview_of_qbi_features.htm We are also looking into the feasibility of adding PO Receipt and Part Request import between QuickBooks and AyaNova. Unfortunately there just is not the numbers of companies using Peachtree to make such a feature economical to be added to PTI without having to charge quite a lot more for it.

I encourage all other AyaNova users to also post back here for Phil. Everyone’s insights are always appreciated.

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce, a lot of info there.

  • I’ve been told that when PT Complete DB approaches 1Gig it starts to behave strangely…OK, ok, strangely for PeachTree then…<grin> I’ve also heard that large inventories can make this happen faster. Was curious if anyone had been negatively impacted by this.

  • This company currently uses PeachTree for CRM & WorkOrder besides Accounting,
    No Inventory, No Automation for Parts Purchase/Tracking, 3 different Schedule Binders,
    No Dispatch Tracking/Monitoring, No Sales/Marketing tracking, Different Bid/Proposal/Quote programs and formats…
    Don’t think acheiving an ROI will be difficult…But finding a Service Management software
    that doesn’t change the [current] Accounting processes too drastically is probably what
    it will take to get one OK’d for implementation.

  • Joyce, I think you’ve inspired me to spend my own money to buy QB PRO and reevaluate AyaNova to see the difference. Am very interested to hear when the new features for QB will be available.

Went to see if I could point you where to get a trial of QB Pro.
I know you can get trial downloads of QuickBooks Pro and Premiere Canadian versions, but not sure about US trial versions other than the Enterprise version (as the others are online which is not supported with QBI).
I did a search and check out http://quickbooks.intuit.com/product/about_quickbooks/trials.jsp - it looks like you can order a trial CD from US Intuit but only for the Enterprise, but it might be an idea.

  • Joyce