Zeroing out unused Banked Service hours

We have a customer who recently switched to service contract coverage on their equipment and they no longer have a need forBanked Service.

They haveBanked Server hours remaining that are no longer applicable that those hours appear in the Client Grid.

I went into their ClientRecord and unchecked Banked Service but the hours still appear in the grid.

How do Izero these Banked Service hours out?



Hi Bob

Check the Bank Service again for that client, and than enter in a minus amount in a Bank Service entry for them.

Confirm its zero’d out for the balance

For example, if they have 3 hours remaining, than enter a -3 in the Hours field in a bank service entry - or if they have $125.00 left, than enter -125.00 in the Currency field in a bank service entry

Than uncheck Bank Service again so when filtering based on clients with banked service = true, they won’t show.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

That method didn’twork becausethe hours’ fields are locked but what did work was creating a 'New’Service Bank entry and entering the offsetting (minus) service hours in there.



Hi again Bob

That is correct. Once an service bank entry is made, it can not be edited as identified in the AyaNova v3 Manual section on service banked entries.

A new service bank entry would be created as directed in my reply. I apologize if that wasn’t clear.

  • Joyce