Deleting task groups won't work

Everytime I attempt to delete a task group it fails. It only renames the task with the current date. I also receive an error when starting Ayanova every second or third attempt of loading the program. The error says something about unable to open windows handle as it is not yet created…??? Anyone else having this issue?


Hi Steve,
A suggestion would be to do a search on this forum for the two words “delete task” without the quotation marks, which will bring up as a result the topic

Review those screenshots and steps

I can also help with the error message you are getting. Would need first off the exact text of the error message. Also too, do a search for that text in this forum, and may there already may be a posting about it.

  • Joyce

Thanks for the quick response Joyce.
That worked! You are the best! I will copy/paste the error msg I get on startup next time it comes up.