Mapi error

I am receiving this error whe attempting to mail workorder dispatch reports (actually, all reports):

Unable to find an entry point named ‘MAPILogon’ in DLL ‘MAPI32.DLL’.

Any ideas?


Steve Guthrie

Hi Steve

Another AyaNova user encountered this same message - check out Error when attempting to email report as it outlines things to check and troubleshoot

It usually indicates that there is a problem with your default email program on this computer - as when you select to email a previewed report, the printing engine passes it to your Windows system, which passes it to the default email program installed on your computer.

What is your operating system - Win2000, WinXP, or Win2003?

Is all Windows Updates applied to this computer (via Windows Updates)?
What is the email program(s) installed on this computer? - provide program name and version number.
Does this email program work - can you run the email program directly and send an email message?
Can you run the email program directly and send an attachment with an email message?
Do you have Microsoft Word on this computer? If so, open a small document in Word, select File -> Send To… -> Mail Recipient (as Attachment). This should open a new email message window where you would enter in an email address, and send the mail message and attachment - does it do so?
Open Internet Explorer -> select menu Help -> About Internet Explorer - what is the version of Internet Explorer
Select menu Tools -> Internet Options… -> select the Programs tab -> what is the program selected for E-mail: ?
What other choices are there for email programs to be possibly selected in the drop down list?
Perform a search on your entire hard drive for the file MAPI32.DLL - list the paths for all instances of MAPI32.DLL and each occurance of MAPI32.DLL file’s size and file date.
Is AyaNova installed on another computer on your network - perform the same steps to email a previewed report - does it email? Compare the above with your computer.

  • Joyce