Part Number and Part Name Separation

It would be extremely helpful if the Part Number and Part Name were not combined when used in reports. It makes it hard to create a report where ALL part numbers line up. I use part codes for everything, labor, parts, travel, loan items and in doing so, there is no easy way to display actual parts so it looks like the rest of the report. This SHOULD be easy to accomplish as they are already separate fields in the parts grid…they just need to be separate items for report. Having the dash join these two fields makes no sense from a report designer point of view. Please consider implementing this!:rolleyes:

Hello Sheer

How your parts display depends on your setting in Global Settings for Part Display Format

If you want just a part number to display, change your Part Display Setting to number only, save your Global Settings, exit out. The display format will be changed for the user the next time that user logs in.

  • Joyce

I have tried that method but I need to display both Part Number and Part Name and they should be in separate fields like the rest of the reporting functions are. If I choose to display the part number only in the global settings then there is no way to show on the report the part name or description in the field to the right of the part number. If I choose to display both in the global settings, then it combines them with a dash between in the Part number field. None of the other areas of the program combine two fields into one and for those, it is very easy to design a report with columns that line up nicely.

I like to have EVERYTHING that is a chargeable item to be represented by a part number and it should have it’s own separate description or name associated with that number. Like I said previously, the parts entry grid has these two items as separate fields already… why not be able to choose them as separate fields in a report?

Hello Sheer

Thank you for your suggestion for a future version of AyaNova, and what the task is that you are attempting to accomplish so that development has a good underrstanding of your needs.

My previous reply was a suggestion for now. Another suggestion may be to use API methods to bring in the part datafields individually rather than use the preset datafield (i.e. LT_WorkorderItemPart_Label_PartID) which takes whatever you yourself have set in Global Settings for Part Display Format) that are available via Fields List in the report designer. There is not a specific example to bring in part data fields, do refer to the available API examples in the Development SDK API section of this forum for details.
If you would like custom report template support with this, do send as outlined in Step #3 of Custom report templates and a quote can be provided.

  • Joyce

FYI… I noticed that when you select just part number in the global settings, when you go to add a part in a work order, it only shows a number which makes it difficult to select parts unless you know ALL the part numbers. I guess the easiest way to use the api to accomplish this would be to add a new cell to the left to pull the scripted part number and set global to part name only. At least that way when selecting parts in a work order, it will be apparent what part is being selected. That would give me the ability to align everything nicely on the work order. I’m going to give it a try! It would still be a great change in an upcoming revision…