Question regarding Banked Service Column

Hi Joyce,

I was checking today to make sure all completed Banked Service workorders had their service banked.I figured the easiestway check this wasto open up the Service Workorders>Labor Grid and filter the Banked Service column to non-blanks.

I made two discoveries. 1. There isn’t a filtering option for this column. 2.The column will not sort even if I make it the first column - I was hoping to make the blanks appear before the checkmarks.

I don’t know if this by design but not being able to filter or sort makes thiscolumn, challenging to use in a grid view. For now I am going to create a report template and do my sortingin there.

Do these filter/sort options not exist because thisis a checkmark field?



Hi Bob

The Banked column in the Labor grid in the Service navigation field is for display only and use within report templates. The Banked column in this grid is not filterable at this time.

We wanted to include the ability to report whether labor had been applied to Banked Service or not as per a number of AyaNova users requests (ansample report template can be found at

We do have it on our list for a future version to make Banked in the Labor grid filterable - but it is not available at this time.

I’ve attached a Labor summary report template that is grouped by the Banked - with those that are False (not yet banked) listing first as an example of using a report template to sort.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I will use that template. Thank you!

Take Care,