Service Contracts & Banked Hours - how to zero out at end of month

I’m just trying to get AyaNova 3 all setup initially and I’m finding one thing that just does not seem possible. Currently our service contracts are per customer not per unit and it provides a set number of hours to use per month. These hours do not roll over so I can’t just add banked hours every month.

Basically I need the ability to do something like bank 20 hours for services to be applied to throughout the monthand have any remainder expire atthe end of the monththen starta new bankof 20 hours at the beginning of the month.

Hopefully I explained this well enough. I just don’t think there’s any automated way to handle this kind of setup.

Hi Chris

Asuggestion is to apply 20 hours via the Bank Service in the client’s entry screen. Then, at the end of the month after having used the Bank Service via Labor in workorders for that client, if there is any remaining hours, enter in a negative amount to “zero” the bank out. Or at the end of the month, add addition hours to bring the amount back up to 20 bankable hours again.

For example:

-At the beginning of the month enter in 20 hours for client ABC Accounting via ABC’s client entry screen’s Bank Service.
-During the month, any labor for ABC will be banked against this in the Labor sub-screen of each workorder
-At the end of the month, view the Bank Service subgrid for ABC Accounting and view the Hours Balance column (Although the grid is filterable just as with other grids within AyaNova, it is recommended that you leave the Entered Date as the first column and display it so that you are always looking at the last entry first so that you can see what the hours balance is)
-If the Hours Balance still has a positive amount in it of 5, you could enter in a new manual entry of 15 to bring the balance back up to 20 for the next month
-Of if the Hours Balance still has a positive amount of 5, you could enter a new manual entry of -5 to “zero” the banked amount out, and if the client still has their contract, than enter a new manual entry of 20 for the new month.

You might also be interested in the additonal sample report templates for Bank Service in the forum topics

AyaNova does not at this time have a feature whereby it will automatically zero out banked hours at a set time range, or automatically enter in new amounts. Both of these require manual entry of a new bank service record.

Try this out and let me know how this goes for you

  • Joyce